Weight Loss

bonnieI had a hypnosis session with Amanda about a month ago, and it has really shifted something in me. I am more relaxed about my body and about food. I easily come back to telling my body what I want it to do instead of criticizing myself. She really helped me start heading in a healthier direction. Thanks Amanda!

~Bonnie O’Boyle, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Woo Woo Weight Loss

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Woo Woo Weight Loss Tools

Hypnosis MP3 to Accompany the Woo Woo Weight Loss Course

When you need a little boost, or just want to add super speed to your weight loss results, download this 15 minute hypnosis audio designed to go along with the Woo Woo Weight Loss 6 part email/video course (linked above).

Just make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position (not in a moving vehicle) when you start the audio. It does not have an introduction – just jumps right in. Get ready!

Live Hypnosis Sessions via Skype

Use the discount code you received at the end of your Woo Woo Weight Loss course under “Book A Session” at right.

Just click on “Redeem Coupon/Package” and you’ll see your discount instantly reflected.

For the 3 session discount, click on “View Products/Packages”.

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