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Past Life – Inheriting an Estate

Recently I had an amazing session with Christi Daniels ( – can’t recommend highly enough, so go check her site out) and discovered I have an issue with responsibility regarding managing large sums of money. Who knew that could even be a problem? Why on Earth would I think having lots of money to be […]

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The Knight

One of the practice sessions we had to do while getting our Hypnosis Certification was a past life regression. My practice partner (who has been doing regressions for 15+ years) guided me through this one. The image I saw first was a man on a grey horse which was rearing up. I gradually became aware […]

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the merchant

The Merchant

You might think from reading my other past life descriptions that I was always a young, wealthy woman.  La dee dah!  Well, no.  In fact, I have had as many past life regressions as a male than as a female. In this particular past life regression, I was after any blocks to money. The first […]

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One of the most emotional and revealing regressions I’ve ever had came from listening to a guided past life regression recording. I went back to the mid 1800’s in England. Again, I was a young lady – brown hair, blue eyes, and again pretty well off financially. I had an elderly father, an older brother […]

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french girl portrait


My very first past life regression was about 20 years ago. I had typed up and printed out a script from a book that my then step-mother read out loud. I saw myself as a 5 year old girl with blond hair sitting in a room in the 1700’s waiting to be called by my […]

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