Have You Lived Before?

Three Ways To Discover Your Past Lives

howardoldpartypicIf you’ve arrived at this article, then you probably have a sneaking suspicion that you’ve lived before. You aren’t alone. According to a Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life poll, more than 75 million people – across all religions – believe in reincarnation. But how do you know if you really are here again? There are a lot of clues that we’ve been here before. Here are three of the major hints:

1. Recurring dreams or vivid dreams of other places or times.
Are you one of those people who have a dream that repeats over and over again? Or maybe you have a theme that repeats. Something happens again and again and it isn’t something that has ever happened to you in this life. It could be that your subconscious mind is trying to tell you that there is a problem in your current life that relates to something that happened in a past life.

2. Being drawn to certain places or time periods.
Do you gravitate toward movies and television shows that represent a certain country, city or time period? Or maybe certain fashions appeal more to you than others. It could be that lives in these places and times have a very strong influence on you in your current life.

3. Unexplainable fears or phobias.
Are there things in your life that you avoid because of fears that you can’t explain? Heights, horses, water, etc. are all examples of things you may hold fears around although there is no logical reason for them. How can you have a fear of water when nothing bad has ever happened to you in or near the water? Traumatic deaths in previous lives can carry over into your present life.

There are many more clues that we’ve all lived before – an instant attraction to a stranger, an instant dislike to a friend of a friend, phantom pains or illnesses that are not explainable, that feeling of deja vu when you visit a place you’ve never been in this life. The next question is why do we remember these things?

It is my belief that we hold on to these partial or emotional memory imprints for a reason. Because they can help us in this life if we know where to look. Can we solve our current life issues by looking at these past lives in depth? Can we solve problems by re-living the past?

It’s up to you to decide.